The Cusmanian Family

It includes:

- The Missionary Servants of the Poor: they are priests and brothers coadjutors who, accepting the message of the Founder "to propagate faith through Charity", they exercise their ministry and evangelize those who are in need through the social and charitable works that promote total and human integration.

- The Sisters Servants of the Poor: they are consecrated women that embrace and live the “mission of charity” in serving the Poor of any age and condition "from the cradle to the tomb" as stated by the Founder conscious and aware that "Jesus Christ is hidden in the Poor".

- The Ladies of the cusmanian Cardinal Deaconship: they are consecrated women that have embraced the cusmanian charisma and devote themselves to testify it in their family, profession, parish church.

- The Association "James Cusmano": it is the laity branch of the Cusmano Institution and gathers together the faithful people that agree to live their baptism in a "secular" condition, following the project of Blessed James Cusmano "Charity without limit" particularly through the practice of the "Morsel".

- The Association Ex Pupils of James Cusmano: they are boys and girls, today men and women, who in the past years have been guests of the Cusmano Institute: they are still linked to the Organization; they follow in their lives the principles of the Founder, collaborating with the Sisters and Missionaries in some activities.

The Cusmano Family, in its principal branches, is present in:

Italy, Mexico, Republic Democratic of Congo, Brazil, the USA, the Philippines, Cameroon, Romania, Uganda and India.