Installation to the Ministry of Lector - Philippines

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Installation to the Ministry of Lector - Philippines23rd of June 2013 - During the Sunday Eucharistic Celebration at the Seminary “Blessed James Cusmano Formation House” chapel of San Pedro, Laguna, Philippines, the Father General Rev. Fr. Salvatore Russo, who is conducting his canonical visit, have installed the ministry of Lector to Bro. Gerome Lompon.

In the presence of the Christian and our religious community, with the seminarians, Taking the spirit of the today’s liturgy of the Word, the Father General invites all and in particular way Bro. Gerome, to follow Jesus Christ with hope, learning to loose ones life for Him; he invited Bro. Gerome to welcome the word of God with meekness to the Holy Spirit, which he started to proclaim it today, and to meditate with joy to acquire always a lively knowledge and penetrating to oneself.


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